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Simple, Authentic, and Fun Family Session

There is nothing better than documenting a little kid in their home, running, laughing, and playing with his parents. Making clean, emotional, candid, bright photos is the key to photos that are going to look fantastic in a family coffee table book. It's play time for us and we love it. Who wouldn't want to be let into the world of a kid for just an hour. It's magical.

When I started photographing families I knew I wanted to focus on simple truthful sessions that focus on who people are on the inside.

Bozeman Family Photographer

We always ask our clients to just be themselves and show their genuine love for one another.

That's easy.

Big Sky Family Photographer

Every family remarks at the end of the session that they didn't think it would be so much fun and that the session would be so easy.

Family Photography

These following images were made at an in-home session in December of a family new to Bozeman and Big Sky. Bonus for us is that we get to meet really wonderful people like them during our sessions. It keeps us feeling good about the people in our community and reminds us that its made up of quality families.

Montana is a fantastic place to raise a family and that's why it's become so popular for people moving here.

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