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2023 Big Sky and Bozeman Summer Family

This past weekend Big Sky and Bozeman, Montana hunkered at home after over two to three feet of snow blanketed the valleys and mountains. Even with all that white the greens of summer are not far away.

Each year we photograph families either on vacation or moving to Southwest Montana. Each family has a beautiful Montana scene in mind when contacting us for their session. Many have been lured to the mystic of Montana through magazine and online articles, and television films like Yellowstone. Whatever brings them here, we are always able to take them to our favorite secret spots to make memorable images of their lifetime trip or life in Montana.

The growth and construction going on in Montana has us constantly looking and finding new places to photograph as some backgrounds have either been replaced by houses or closed off by Private Property No Trespassing signs. Luckily we've spent our lives here and know of beautiful scenic places open to us for family photos. We also know which locations work best during the golden hour or in the afternoons and mornings. We truly dedicated to making fantastic photos for our clients.

Great sessions start with a lot of planning by us and coordinating with you on details such as: clothing, time of day based on ages, picking a place comfortable for all (especially if babies or grandparents are involved), making sure you have water and have fed the kids before the session. Most importantly we make this the easiest and funnest family session you will ever have.

We love kids, dogs, emotion and the spontaneity of unposed photos. We celebrate your family's love at this time in your lives. Embrace who you are.

Below are some photos from a family session near Bozeman of a family on vacation from Tennessee. These photos are pretty typical of our family sessions.

For more examples CLICK HERE


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