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Love in a Montana Winter Engagement Session

It's nearly Valentine's Day.

Last weekend we photographed this lovely couple in Bozeman for their engagement session. They are perfect for each other with a genuine connection. They make it easy to photograph their love.

Their wedding is in late April and they asked for an engagement session with fresh snowfall. That's usually not a problem in Montana. Most any weekend it snows in the winter. But this winter has been very dry and it's been snowing during the week when this couple is at work.

So when we woke up Sunday to snow falling on Bozeman we called the couple immediately to ask how quickly they could get themselves ready for a snow session. The forecast was for melting in the afternoon. Getting to the session quickly was important.

It couldn't have worked out any better. Everything came together: a loving couple, lots and lots of snow for fairy tale settings and bonus; the couple has a great sense of adventurous fun.

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