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Storing Your Digital Photos

Many of our clients in Bozeman and Big Sky purchase collections of digital photos because they love having control of storage and the freedom to use the photos whenever they like. We purge photos from our backup system at the end of each year to make room for future session images. All the more important that photos be kept safe for future use and future generations.

Hard drives, dvd's, and usb thumb drives work well but eventually every system fails; even if they are not in use. We have had hard drives sitting unused in storage fail simply due to age.

The best way to preserve photos is the Cloud. Whether it's digital photos purchased from your session or it's photos from your iPhone or Android, the cloud is the most secure way to protect the photos.

There are a lot of Cloud services. Here are a few that we recommend. Take a look at what they offer and pick the one that is right for you.

Using drop box for storing photos from bozeman and big sky family photo sessions is a great idea
Drop Box

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