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Family Photo Books

Clients often have us make books from their Bozeman or Big Sky sessions. Some even ask us to keep files for a couple of years and put together a book that encompasses many sessions. For babies and high school seniors a book is a fantastic keepsake for the parents, grandparents and the kids as well. Books are not just for family sessions, family reunions, or weddings. Every photo can be celebrated in a book.

It's so gratifying to see how the photos come to life on the pages of a book.

Recently I collected my photos from 3-4 years of traveling around the world and put them into two 100-page books. We keep them on the coffee table and open them often to recall the memories. The large photos in the books take me right back to when the photo was made.

We do the same with family vacations. Each trip has its own book.

You don't have to wait to start collecting photos from your next trips. Everyone has hundreds of photos over the years kept on your computer. (BTW...stop keeping family photos on your computer. Put them onto the Cloud and on at least two thumb drives and keep the drives where you are sure to find them) Use the winter evenings when you can't get outside to sort through your digital photos.

And you can also make books from the boxes of old prints. Sort through the prints, pick your favorites and then ship them to a company that specializes in scanning prints to make digital versions so you can make books.

Here's a link to a blog post found by a google search for "BEST SCANNING SERVICES"

You can so similar searches for book makers. There are a ton out there and because there are so many it is hard to know which ones to use. They have many features from types of paper, lay flat pages or magazine style, online software for layout or the ability to use words and graphics with the book you are making. Best of all, with the competition to get your business many book makers have introductory offers and seasonal sales for a greatly reduced price.

Simply google "Best Photo Books 2021" and you'll see all kinds of choices.

Choices range from MixBooks to Shutterfly to Costco.

You'll certainly find one that suits your needs.

Of course we'll still be making client books at our professional labs in the United States and Italy. But for people who want to make their own books (cards, prints, etc.) from the photo files purchased from their sessions with us there are a lot of great options out there.

Here's a few books produced at some of the book makers you will find on line:

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