Are you really going to use those Digital Photo Files?

We always ask that question before guiding clients through products following their sessions. The answer is very important to making sure you get not only what you want out of your session but also are getting what you need.

Which category to you fall into:

1.....I love working with digital photos and will definitely use them.

2.....I want the digital photos from my session so I will always have them, but honestly I probably will keep them safe in the cloud and not get to using them for social media or prints. I just don't have the time or I'm not comfortable on how to use them.

3.....Some people in my family want them and some don't so I better have them along with some prints or a book so everyone is happy.

4.....My life is way too crazy. I don't want digital photo files. I'll order prints and give them as gifts. BTW, can loneman photography frame the prints so I don't have to shop, or make a canvas wrap that's ready to hang, and can you make me holiday cards that already have my address on the envelopes?

All of these answers are correct because they reflect your life. That's why we offer everything you might want or need in the way you want it.

We know everyone is an individual so we offer Custom Collections along with Digital Collections and Prints.

Many photographers photograph sessions and then send out digital photo files of their choice. You get what you get, and have to deal with the files on your time to get products from your online searches. Most people are much too busy for that. Some are okay with managing the digital files.

But most people are somewhere between. So we offer the flexibility of finding that sweet spot and combination of products and digital files that works for your life.

If you do get digital photo files from your session we will gladly give you some links for making prints, canvas wraps, cards, etc.

Here's a hint: for great canvas deals and excellent reproduction for canvas wraps:

Canvas Pop

Often Canvas Pop offers great coupons and discounts. So even after shipping, it's still a tremendous deal.

Here's a few of the products that help make our Big Sky and Bozeman clients lives happier:

Framed Family Photos: ready to hang

Framed Children's Photos

Large Selection of Frames

Fine Art Italian Books

Fantastic Reproduction and Printing From Italy

Album Displays Like Piece of Art

Fine Art Canvas Wrap

Fine Art Canvas Wraps in All Sizes

Coffee Table Books

Family Coffee Table Books That are Great for Lifetime Memories

2x3 Mini Accordions

2 x 3 Photos Attached in One Small Display That Easily Packs in a Purse or on a Shelf


Ready to Hang...Multiple Side Material Choices...Cheaper Than Canvas Wraps

Material Sides to Match Your Style

Acrylic Prints

Modern Acrylics in Many Sizes for Shelf or Wall Display


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